ESPHM Conference

An International conference marking the launching of Ethiopian Society of Post-Harvest Management (ESPHM) is scheduled for January 26-27, 2018.

Conference Venue Coffee and Tea Development & Marketing Authority Head quarter (around Mexico square, Addis Ababa).

Theme: “Post-Harvest Management (PHM) for Food Security and Sustainable Development: A Missing Link but Viable Approach”

Sub-Themes (For both Plant and Animal Sectors):
  1. Post-harvest management policies and strategies
  2. Food and nutrition security
  3. Agro-processing and value-addition
  4. Produce quality and safety
  5. Loss reduction strategies
  6. Gender and PHM
  7. PHM and climate change
  8. Marketing and value-chain
  9. Post-harvest mechanization
  10. Entrepreneurship and product development
  11. Local practices in PHM